The “Maglia nera” whoever has power

These are basically data following a Post Christmas-party discussion. From the World bank database, GDP growth in the last 20 years in Italy, Germany, France, US, Euro Area. As can be seen, Italy has almost always been the worst performer, the “Maglia nera“.

My argument is simply that it is not a matter of left and right policies, or of left and right political figures. I am choosing a 20-year time span for a reason: In the last 20 years we had for about 10 years a “centre-left” administration, and for 10 years a “centre-right” administration. Can you see the difference in the data? I can’t, since both in good and in bad times we have lost growth opportunities.

For full disclosure, I have voted for the “centre-left” coalition in the last 20 years. Frankly, it was a no-brainer. Anyway, data show that centre-left and centre-right have no clue on how to restore growth in the Country, or in a region, or in a city. And in the few cases in which they have a small clue, they have no courage (this addition is my opinion, not embedded in the data, so it might be wrong).