Four podcast links to start the new year

I love listening to podcasts while driving, running, or doing chores. Here I just want to share a few links to some recent episodes I really enjoyed.

  1. Season 2 of Malcolm Gladwell’s podcast Revisionist History is fantastic. The Basement Tapes is one of my preferred episodes [link]. Deep, thoughtful, surprising, and perfectly done. At the level of some of the best stories in The Tipping Point [link]
  2. Episodes 14 and 15 of Reed Hoffman’s Masters of Scale podcast, with a long interview with Barry Diller [link].
  3. The Ezra Klein long interview with Paul Krugman on politics, Trump, incentives [link]
  4. Episode 131 of the Exponent Podcast [link] where Ben Thompson and James Allworth discuss disruption and the critical differences between today’s world and the scenario discussed in Clayton Christensen’s classic book The Innovator’s Dilemma [link]

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