My current research interests can be divided in four areas:

  • Graphene and 2D Electronics
  • Semiconductor device modeling
  • Nanopower analog circuit design
  • Smart systems and Internet of things

A page dedicated to our research papers in these areas is here.
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Student projects for MS thesis and internships are here. For PhD and research associate positions on the various topics contact me.

Here is a brief overview:

Graphene and 2D Electronics

Graphene TFET
Image from G. Fiori et al., IEED EDL 2009

We use computational electronics tools and semi-analytical models to investigate transistors, solar cells, and sensors based on graphene and other two-dimensional materials. We focus on the early assessment of device potential in order to guide experiments and fabrication on the most promising options. All these activities are done in collaboration with academic and industrial labs in Italy, Europe and in the US.

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Semiconductor device modeling

Image from V. Bonfiglio et al., IEEE TED 2011

We develop modeling and simulation tools and methodologies for the investigation of nanoscale semiconductor transistors, power transistors, semiconductor microsystems, based on silicon, germanium, and III-V technology. We are especially interested in noise, transport and sensing properties. This activity aims at exploring CMOS technology downscaling, as targeted by the Semiconductor Industry in the next 15 years, and emerging devices and materials systems, in strict collaboration with semiconductor companies and international partners.

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Nanopower analog circuit design

Silicon PUF
Image from S. Stanzione et al., IEEE JSSC 2011

We design analog integrated circuits for wearable or implantable systems, characterized by extremely low power consumption, exploiting subthreshold or weak inversion operation. Nanopower circuits can be used in battery-less systems such as RFID systems or in systems where batteries cannot by easily substituted (such as implantable systems or other harsh conditions). This activity is performed in collaboration with academic and industrial labs in Europe.

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Smart systems and Internet of Things

ECG band
Image from E. Spanò et al., in print

We design and develop embedded electronic systems for distributed sensing and control applications, in industrial and residential settings, based on an open Internet of Things platform. Our target systems include home automation systems, wearable and connected systems for health and fitness, systems for the smart power grid. All these activities are done in collaboration with academic and industrial labs in Italy, Europe and in the US. Want to know more?

Research areas I worked on several years ago (I was very very young):

  • Foundations of quantum mechanics and quantum transport (I will prepare a page, I don’t rule out a comeback)
  • The silicon tracker for the CMS experiment