Presentation: Graphene and 2D electronics

I gave this presentation on Graphene and 2D Electronics at the Marie-Curie Conference 2013 in Florence, on Nov. 25. It was an session with mindblowing presentations especially from renown surgeon Ugo Boggi and CMS emeritus spokesperson Guido Tonelli. As I knew, speaking just after a superstar physicist is really really challenging.

Everybody had to keep their presentations understandable by a general audience of researchers and Marie-Curie fellows from diverse disciplines: hard sciences, social sciences, and humanities. And to stay within 12 minutes. For this reason I think this presentation can be enjoyable by casual visitors of my website. Enjoy.

However, the whole session was humbling. I was really honoured and thankful to the organizing committee for the invitation. Most of all, it was great fun.

(illustration by Argonne National Lab)